Why us?

Our client-oriented approach means we can provide reliable, pin-point and easy-to-understand advice with a strong emphasis on practical implementation.

  • Our relationship with you is based on the following propositions:
  • Our legal advice is always custom-tailored to your business and is composed of multiple layers, including:
  • Four eyes principle - all legal work is drafted by at least two experienced attorneys; no advice leaves our firm without being reviewed by a partner.
  • Multidisciplinary analysis - strong knowledge of legal theory is the foundation of our approach. Even a seemingly simple matter is examined by several members of our team specialised in different legal areas in order to provide a comprehensive and intuitive view of the issue.
  • Two-hour response time - while we cannot always provide on-the-spot advice for all legal issues, we strive to get in touch with you within a two-hour timeframe; you should always know if somebody is available to take your request and what the next steps are.
  • Practical insights and suggestions - in practice, people and institutions interact differently with legal provisions and contractual matters. Based on years of past experience, we can guide you on the best real-case approach to implementing projects and overcoming potential issues.
  • Cost control - before entrusting your work to us we will provide you with a total cost estimate; we strive to keep the project within estimate and, in case of any unforeseeable overruns, we promise to revert to you with a warning ahead of time so that you have full control over your budget.
  • Real risks and consequences - businesses rely on having advanced knowledge of potential risks and of the potential damages they may be exposed to; however, potential legal issues should not be overstated. We strive to provide a prudent yet realistic estimation of any risks and their probability of occurrence.
  • Timeliness and live updates - we break down legal work into milestones that we present to you ahead of time along with feasible deadlines; you will be updated permanently on completion status, recent developments and major findings.
  • Solutions and potential alternatives - mitigating legal issues involves a careful analysis of all alternatives - our recommendations take into account practical outcomes and secondary approaches.
  • Direct contact - our partners will provide you with the direct care and attention that only a small law firm could offer.

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