Regulatory and Compliance

Our multidisciplinary team handles all aspects of environment law, fire safety regulation, European and national manufacturing standards’ implementation, retail and e-commerce rules.

environmental permit and obligations ⊞
(working with environment consultants in order to submit file for environmental permit, advising on issues related to historical pollution, transfer of environmental permit)

fire safety permit and regulation ⊞
(working with environment consultants in order to submit file for fire safety permit, issues related to transfer of assets)

commercial and retail ⊞
(advice on permits and operations required to run a brick-and-mortar or online store, authorising sales, discounts and clearances, security plan approval)

specialised permits ⊞
(dealing with various Romanian authorities in what regards various permitting matters, including automobile manufacturing permits and type approval, nuclear devices approval, medical equipment and drug approval, medicinal marketing, etc.)

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