Start-ups and established businesses developing new projects struggle to make sense of the regulations and financiers’ requests related to loans and credit facilities. Our team helps businesses stay focused on its core tasks as financial arrangements are set into place.

We can offer assistance with:

start-up financing ⊞
(incubator and seed capital agreements, angel investors, series A and B financing agreements, general purpose loans)

acquisition and project finance⊞
(financing project due diligence, drafting and negotiating loan agreements, lease agreements, bank letters of guarantees and credit line agreements)

other types of financing (syndicated loans, bond issues, etc.) ⊞
(syndicated loan loan agreements negotiation, assistance related to syndicate restructuring, bond issue prospectus drafting, corporate documentation and registration, etc.)

financial restructuring ⊞
(refinancing loan agreements, compensation agreements (in Romanian: dare in plata), debt-to-equity swaps, etc.)

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