Dispute Resolution

Pending or threatened litigation is analyzed by our multidisciplinary team in order to provide a realistic assessment and develop a prudent strategy with the goal of obtaining favorable decisions and mitigating potential losses.

debt recovery ⊞
(fast-track procedures for commercial debt recovery, asset seizures and securities enforcement)

damage, liability and insurance claims ⊞
(claiming damages for breach of contract, for negligence and for wilful misconduct, filing insurance claims, defending insurance refusals, etc.)

property claims ⊞
(challenging and defending ownership titles, restitution claims, property limit claims)

contract termination and denouncement ⊞
(filing for termination of contracts for breach, exercising contractual break options, etc.)

challenging authorities’ decisions and fines ⊞
(challenging fines for non-compliance, challenging complementary sanctions and disqualifications, contesting refusal to act or to issue permits, authorisations, etc.)

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